[EN] CS:GO servers rules

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    General rules:

    1. Presence on the server equals acceptance of these rules.
    2. Unfamiliarity with rules doesn’t exempt you from following them.
    3. VIPs and admins are not exempt from following the rules.
    4. All penalties are award according to determined rules.

    The behavior on the server:

    1.1. Using curses and insulting other players is forbidden.
    1.2. Using defamatory, offensive, vulgar, pejorative, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, racist, religious, etc. nicknames is forbidden.
    This includes any alternative spelling or letter order.
    1.3. Inciting arguments will be punished.
    1.4. Yelling through a microphone and disturbing other players are forbidden.
    1.5. Playing music on the server (through a microphone) is forbidden.
    1.6. Spamming on general, team or admins chat is forbidden.
    1.7. Impersonating administrators or someone other than themselves is forbidden.
    1.8. Promoting cs:go servers and stuff is forbidden.
    1.9. Promoting fascism, racism, sexual content, etc. is forbidden.
    1.10. Trading items unrelated to the mode (e.g. pokemon for skins, real money, etc.) is forbidden.
    1.11. Communication in any other language than english will be punished.


    2.1. Cheating and using unauthorized scripts is forbidden.
    2.2. Using map errors is forbidden.
    2.3. Handicapping the game for other players is forbidden.
    2.4. Asking the administration for items, money, etc. is forbidden.
    2.5. Using mistakes of the modification for self-interest is forbidden.
    2.6. Using pokemon to "walk in the sky" (the place where is a clear collider) is forbidden.


    3.1. The administration can’t kick off or ban a player when the rules weren’t broken.
    3.2. The administration has to report any absence (longer than three days) at forum.
    3.3. The administration is not authorized to change the map without a vote.
    3.4. The administration has to check up reported players.
    3.5. The administration duty is to punish according to rules.
    3.6. Overusing of authority and favoring players is forbidden.
    3.7. Permanent ban can be used only with head admin permission.
    3.8. Using slaps, igniting, freezing, etc. is forbidden.
    3.9. The administration is obliged to inform about the changes in the rules before the player is punished.

    Administration has the right to change or edit the rules at any time.

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