Pokémon Tutorial

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    Why it’s worth to have InfinityCore.pl in nickname?

    If u have linked our server you will be able to earn Pokecoin(1 per each hour), your chance to catch shiny will be increased and it’s easiest way to support server.

    How to catch pokémons?

    1. Balls in enemy’s respawn.
    2. Eggs.
    3. Fossils.
    4. Pokeball bough in market.

    What’s highest level of pokémon?

    You can exp maximum 100 level.

    How to use pokémon’s skill?

    You must write bind key pokeskill in console.

    How to set flying on scroll?

    Scrolling up:
    bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump"
    Scrolling down:
    bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump"
    Default settings:
    bind "MWHEELUP" "invprev"
    bind "MWHEELDOWN" "invnext

    List of commands.

    - choosing pokémon: /go
    - releasing pokémon: /release
    - checking pokémon abilities: Sorry, but there’s not way to check you pokémon abilities in English language, just ask people in server, they will help you.
    - using item: /useitem.
    - dropping item: /dropitem.
    - changing pokémon’s skill: /skills.
    - trading pokémons: /trade.
    - blocking trade: /notrade.
    - opening pokemenu: /pokemenu(shortcut /pm)
    - opening pokeshop: /pokeshop.

    What’s shiny pokemon?

    Shiny pokémon is normal pokémon, but 10% stronger.
    Shiny is able to catch as normal pokémon.

    How to evolve pokémon?

    There are three ways:
    1. by leveling.
    2. by item.(you can buy it in pokeshop)
    3. by trade.

    Why you mustn’t write sell/buy pokemon?

    In server we’re trading pokémon’s.
    1.10. Trading items unrelated to the mode (e.g. pokemon for skins, real money, etc.) is forbidden.

    How to calculate pokémon’s force?

    Pokemon Multiplier
    First evolution: 1.0
    Second evolution: 1.1
    Last evolution: 1.2
    Shiny pokémons: 1.3

    How vitamins system work?

    Vitamins system is explained here.

    How mega evolution system is working?

    Mega evolution gives your pokémon’s 3rd passive, you can get mega evolution by buying special stone in shop. You lost it by dead.

    How to bind …?

    -saying massage:
    bind key “say message”
    -using commands:
    bind key command

    How to bind on numeric keyboard?

    Key Bind
    1 kp_end
    2 kp_downarrow
    3 kp_pgdn
    4 kp_leftarrow
    5 kp_5
    6 kp_rightarrow
    7 kp_home
    8 kp_uparrow
    9 kp_pgup

    Still need help?

    • contact with admins in server using “[email protected]“, just open team chat u write @ and your message

    Contact with administration (click into nickname):

    [email protected] - best way to contact them is PM on forum.



    Admin Stwoszek.

    Junior Admin SJM.


    Admin D3SAN.
    Admin Dizorox.

    Junior Admin Balarads.
    Junior Admin BlueDragon.
    Junior Admin Latacz.

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